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A Little Book for New Philosophers "A Little Book for New Philosophers" Why and How to Study Philosophy, By Paul Copan
IVP Academic, Expected Release: October 2016 PDF

EPS Apologetics Conference, San Antonio TX (November 2016)

Special thanks to David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics Ministry for making this video available.

Activism at the Altar: The Use of Religion in the Animal Rights Debate:
The New Testament vs. Prescriptive Christian Vegetarianism

(Paul Copan starts speaking at the 33:30 mark)

Vital Magazine Making Sense of Old Testament Violence, How to understand a good (not safe) God
Vital Magazine link
Listening In podcast Listening In, hosted by WORLD's Warren Cole Smith,
A conversation with Paul Copan, July 17, 2015 podcast link
Bible Gateway Did God Really Command Genocide?: An Interview with Drs. Paul Copan & Matthew Flannagan by Jonathan Petersen
Did God command genocide in the Bible? link
Did God Command Genocide in the Bible? Interview with Jonathan Merritt of Religion News Service, "Did God Command Genocide in the Bible?"
Did God command genocide in the Bible? link
Break Point Interview Break Point Interview with Paul Copan
BreakPoint This Week: The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas. link
The Routledge Companion to Theism “Theism and Bioethics.” In The Routledge Companion to Theism. Edited by Charles Taliaferro, Victoria Harrison, and Stewart Goetz. London: Routledge, 2012.
Available from PDF

The Paul Copan Apologetics Collection (6 volumes) The Paul Copan Apologetics Collection (6 volumes).
Available from Logos Bible Software PDF

The Paul Copan Apologetics Collection includes:
Creation out of Nothing, How Do You Know You’re Not Wrong, Is God a Moral Monster?, That’s Just Your Interpretation, “True for You, But Not for Me”, When God Goes to Starbucks

“Is God a Moral Monster?” (Vancouver, BC)

Q&A on “Is God a Moral Monster?” (Vancouver, BC)

Philosophy and the Christian WorldviewPhilosophy and the Christian Worldview is a collection of new essays written by fifteen philosophers of religion. Bringing together some of the leading lights in current academic philosophy of religion, including William Hasker, Charles Taliaferro and Keith Yandell, it offers a fresh perspective on four major areas of discussion: Religion and Epistemology; Religion and Morality; Religion and Metaphysics; and Religion and Worldview Assessment. 

United by the argument that the core claims of religion have metaphysical, epistemic and moral entailments, these essays represent a state of the art discussion in contemporary philosophy of religion. February 2012. Link

Talking with Paul Copan about Genocide in Old Testament

Q&A at Nova Southeastern: "Is  Morality Subjective?  Is God a Fact?"!/video/video.php?v=10150160081986472&comments

Paul Copan debates with Norman Bacrac on the topic "Is God a Moral Monster?"
Audio interview 315 Blogspot

Listen to Paul Copan’s Tyndale University/College. Public Lectures Winter 2011
"Slavery and Genocide? A Fresh Look at Two Old Testament Ethical Issues"

“Faith Matters” Panel Discussion on the Michael Coren Show (Toronto):    

Michael Coren show

NOTE: Viewers may find an opening clip from "Glee" objectionable.

Paul Copan - "Who made God?"

Audio interview 315 Blogspot

Listen to Paul Copan’s presentations from the Evangelical Philosophical Society apologetics conferences

Audio interview 315 BlogspotInterview with Paul Copan on the Apologetics 315 Blogspot PDF

Loving Wisdom Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God.
Grand Rapids: Baker, 2011.
Available from PDF

Audio Interviews:
Justin Brierley of "Unbelievable?", Evangelical Philosophical Society,
Reclaiming The Mind, Christian Post and the Debbie Chavez Show

"You're Wrong to Convert Others" a new video provided by

Good God & Evil World (in 18 Minutes) from Paul Copan on Vimeo.

This video was produced by the college ministry of Buckhead Church in Atlanta (February 2009). It was from a three-part "Living Room" series involving a gathering of about 200 university students in the Atlanta area for reflection and discussion.

Loving WisdomTrue for You, But Not for Me, rev. ed.: Countering the Slogans that Leave Christians Speechless
Edited by Paul Copan. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2009
Available from PDF
Download the study guide True For You, But Not For Me Study Guide

Loving Wisdom"When God Goes to Starbucks: A Guide to Everyday Apologetics."
Edited by Paul Copan. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2008
Available from PDF
Available from PDF
Read Blog post PDF

Interviews on "When God Goes to Starbucks":
91.7 FM WAOY, Interview
Bible Answer Man: Sept. 10, 2008 & Sept. 11, 2008

Article"A Roundtable Discussion with Michael Licona on the Resurrection of Jesus," Southeastern Theological Review 3/1 (2012). Posted by permission.
Click here to read this article PDF
ArticleIs Naturalism a Simpler Explanation Than Theism?
Click here to read this article link
ArticleWhy Is the New Testament Silent on Slavery — or Is It?
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blog Creation and Evolution: Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing:
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blog Dealing with Doubt:
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blog Matthew Flannagan's Interactions With Thom Stark:
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