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Christianity & Philosophy:

Student Apologetics Alliance: Some support for the next generation of Christian philosophers and apologists! link
Christ My Redeemer: A new blog from an up-and-coming duo in philosophy and theology. PDF

Apologetics 315: Interviews, articles, and lots more cutting-edge material in Christian apologetics and philosophy. PDF

Library of Historical Apologetics PDF

Philosophy of Religion Links: Philosopher Dale Tuggy has put together an impressive list of philosophers of religion, philosophy of religion websites and journals, and much more. PDF

Society of Christian Philosophers: The SCP is another distinguished philosophical society. It publishes Faith and Philosophy, which addresses “philosophical issues from a Christian perspective or philosophical issues within the Christian faith, and articles from any perspective which deal critically with the philosophical credentials of the Christian faith.” PDF A philosophy/apologetics website that has an array of essays from some excellent scholars on a wide range of topics such as science, God's existence, Islam, religious pluralism, Scripture's reliability, bioethics, and important contemporary issues. PDF
Evangelical Philosophical Society: Information about the EPS and how to subscribe to the evangelical philosophical journal Philosophia Christi, which is one of the top--and most subscribed to--philosophy of religion journals in the world. PDF
William Lane Craig, Reasonable Faith: The website of a leading Christian philosopher/debater, with many articles, debate transcripts, and other resources. PDF

Dallas Willard Ministries: Much food for thought on philosophy, Christianity, and the spiritual disciplines by a recognized Christian philosopher. PDF

Truth Journal: The archives of Truth Journal give much good material in defense of theism and, more specifically, the Christian faith. PDF