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The Explanatory Power of the Christian Worldview:

On the Way Ministries: It "equips people on the Christian journey through renewing the mind, engaging the heart, and encouraging community." PDF

Salvo Magazine: Subscribe to this is a cutting-edge, culturally-engaged magazine that challenges commonly-accepted assumptions and perspectives about the good life and the human person, seeking to show how the Christian faith offers a richer, more consistent, and illuminating way of life. PDF

Leadership University: Extensive website which speaks to a range of academic disciplines and social issues from a Christian perspective.
See especially archives of the Truth Journal: PDF

Stand To Reason: An informative, readable resource for defending the Christian faith/ethics/worldview in the academy and the public square (with Greg Koukl and Scott Klusendorf). Audio archives from the radio program Stand To Reason also available. PDF
Breakpoint (of Prison Fellowship Ministries): Excellent materials on the Christian worldview and its application to science, philosophy, ethics, culture, etc. PDF